Welcome to First Baptist Church!

Hi, welcome to First Baptist Church! If you’re a resident of Waukesha, you know what an exciting city this is to live and serve in. First Baptist Church champions a multi-ethnic and cross-generational perspective toward ministry in the city we love. We celebrate the roots of our faith that trace back beyond the beginning of this church in 1839 to the arrival of Baptist Missionaries in Milwaukee in the early 1800’s, inspired by the Second Great Awakening. We think it’s possible to recapture the best of those early followers of Christ who turned the world upside down. FBC desires to reflect the very best of what Scripture inspires us toward. 

This congregation is a blessing to this city through the many ministries that are represented within this building. Every Sunday five different congregations worship under our roof in three different languages. We have three (unaffiliated) non-profit organizations that help us accomplish our mission to stand with populations in our city who are physically handicapped and or dealing with mental health challenges. We are committed to using our building as much as we possibly can in ways that serve and bless our community.

We also dream. We are dreaming of our future being brighter through being a stronger, more diverse and generationally vibrant congregation. We look around our neighborhood and see:

  • A growing number of people moving back to downtown 
  • Hundreds of seniors living in senior housing in downtown Waukesha
  • Dozens of apartments just down the street from the church
  • Three colleges/universities within walking distance of the church with a total student population of almost 4,000
  • Most of the county’s public and private social service agencies within a short walk of FBC
  • The city’s art and restaurant district one block away
  • A fast-growing Hispanic community
  • Hundreds of single family homes in lovely neighborhoods 

Potential? Waukesha has it! 40% of our population identify no faith or church affiliation. Our dream is to build relationships, serve, and tell great stories of grace and hope among our neighbors. God is building a church that looks like our community, blesses the city and serves those most at risk. Won’t you join us?

Rev. Chakravarthy Zadda PhD

Senior Pastor