Meeting real needs in our community.

"Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you...?" - Matthew 25:37

Here are some of the wonderful partnerships we've developed as we seek to share the love of Christ in tangible ways that meet real needs in our community:

Spring City Clubhouse

Spring City Clubhouse, affiliated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, meets in our facilities.

Donna Lexa Art Centers

Donna Lexa Art Centers uses our facilities to promote creativity, dignity and community for people with special needs through art.

The Hope Center

We support The Hope Center in offering hot, fresh, nutritious meals every day of the week to guests that include the homeless, those living in rooming houses or shelters, families trying to stretch their budget, and elderly persons on a fixed income, many of whom are physically and/or mentally impaired.  Church volunteers use the Hope Center's facility to serve home-cooked "Loaves and Fishes" meals on Sundays.

Samson House

Our former parsonage houses Samson House, a Community Based Residential Facility operated by Matt Talbot Recovery Services.  Samson House provides structure, supervision, socialization, and individualized treatment plans to aid mentally ill residents in gaining skills for day-to-day living.

During our frigid Wisconsin winters we have opened our doors to make the church facility a Warming Center that welcomes homeless men needing a hot beverage, a nutritious snack, and a warm, safe place to sleep. We also help support the Milwaukee Christian Center, founded 95 years ago by the wife of the pastor of a Baptist church in Pewaukee, a nearby village.